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The ERP System

Can your team efficiently enter and share data across your organization?

Do you need to track inventory, assets and personnel?

Do you have visibility into projects so management can pro-actively make adjustments and avoid costly downtime?

Merge Solutions has developed the OASIS software to do all this and more. From tracking the rental equipment to capturing critical data about oilfield drilling projects, our enterprise resource planning (ERP) system saves organizations time and money.

Repetitive data entry can cause costly mistakes. Businesses need to share information in real time with people at various locations, with differing requirements. The OASIS software integrates your business processes and brings your departments together with up-to-date information that’s accessible through a multitude of computers and mobile devices. Now that’s powerful decision-making at your fingertips.

Learn more about the Merge team and how our solutions have helped numerous organizations save hundreds of thousands of dollars by getting the right data to the right people at the right time.

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About Merge Solutions

For over a decade, Merge Solutions has developed and refined the OASIS software to help organizations track important inventory and processes. We leverage years of experience in the oil and gas industry and transfer that knowledge to other industries.

Our dedicated team works alongside our clients through the entire implementation process and even post-implementation to ensure everything runs smoothly. If you need ongoing support, you’ll speak to real people with same-day responses. Even better, you often speak with the same experts who collaborated on your initial implementation.

Perhaps the greatest compliments are the referrals we receive from previous clients. As people move to other companies or start their own businesses, they frequently recommend our OASIS software as a business-critical tool and the Merge team members as trusted experts.

Gain actionable insight into important processes and reduce your overhead costs. Discover the measurable benefits that the OASIS software can bring to your organization.

OASIS Software Solutions

Eliminate information stuck in silos and reduce redundant data entry. Integrate information into a system that empowers decision-making from anywhere at any time. The OASIS software allows you to track your job lifecycle from quotation to cash receipt, and everything in between. This powerful tool provides real-time information to help your company streamline activities, track your assets and effectively forecast business needs.

As a web-based tool, your entire team can share data how and when you need it. No more late-night trips to the office to locate critical information. With OASIS, you can access your data on any mobile device, on any browser from any location with an Internet connection. Team members at the office and in the field can quickly add their updates, keeping the flow of information up-to-date.

Powerful Daily Reporting and Cost Savings

The daily reporting capabilities give management the visibility to make needed adjustments and avoid costly downtime. The OASIS dashboards are especially helpful in showing big picture information to the high-level decision makers, while field technicians quickly enter their data into the integrated system that shares information throughout the organization. This ERP software greatly reduces the number of times information must be entered, decreasing typos and saving valuable time. Organizations using OASIS software also experience a huge reduction in overhead costs. There’s no need for internally hosted servers, server admin, limited user licenses and email server space. Instead, OASIS is fully hosted and maintained by Merge Solutions with a simple fee that is considerably lower than other ERP systems.

Software Enhancements

We’re excited to bring many enhancements to the current version of the OASIS software, too. With drag-and-drop capabilities and customizable charts, you’re able to view data in ways that make the most sense to your team. Since this ERP system truly integrates all business processes, users can view all activities related to the project at hand, without having to navigate elsewhere in the system. Plus, the user interface is easy-to-learn so your team gets up and running quickly. The latest version of the OASIS software also includes an extremely dynamic feature, allowing customers to document processes in detail and include attachments, full read outs, photos and more. We’ve discovered that this level of documentation is quite helpful for organizations preparing for inspections, ISO 9000 or similar certifications as well as engineering analysis. The checklist module allows you to put in place the required documentation quickly and clearly. Low costs and high return. Save money with the powerful OASIS solution. Our clients say they just can’t get the same level of detail on tracking assets from any other system. Contact us today to see how you can monitor and proactively manage your assets with the OASIS software.

Our Customers Love Us

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It. Read It From Them.

Stephen H.

“Throughout the entire development and implementation of Oasis, Merge Solutions has made the process better than we possibly imagined. Oasis has allowed our company to combine every part of our job life cycle into one system with ease. It instantly added value to our operations with increased visibility and functionality. Merge as a group defines what a software company should be.”

Michael K.

“Scientific Drilling has been an Oasis customer for close to ten years. Through the use of the different modules, our company has been able to effectively manage our resources at a global level. This software package is easy to use and offers the needed flexibility that we require in an ever changing market place. Perhaps what impresses me most about this software package is the team they have put in place to support it. Without fail, the Merge team has offered a level of customer service that has always met or exceeded my expectations.”

Tristle C

“Oasis has allowed our company to streamline the processes required to track and manage inventory and assets accurately and effectively over the last 4 years. Because the software is web-based and real time, I am able to access information about our products anytime, anywhere. I also like that the accounting module records every transaction and has a banking feature so that I don’t have to use an external accounting software. It is the perfect solution for a small to mid-sized company looking to combine all operational and accounting functions into one software product.” – Tristle Cloud, Controller, Dynomax USA

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